Two Neat is located in the cozy little town of Mill Valley, California, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. We've been here for 31 years, selling neat cards and gifts and creating lots of laughs. Come and join the fun...

"Great store! Everything from soup to nuts. No wait, they don't sell soup. Or nuts.
But definitely worth a visit."

"I believe that Two Neat is truly the Heart of our Town."

"When you walk in, you'll find customers laughing, having a good time, and chatting it up with the colorful personalities of the Two Neat team. This place makes you feel good."

"I tell my friends to go there - they aren't disappointed. Who doesn't love a good fart joke?"


"You’ll walk out feeling better than when you walked in. If you can't find things in Two Neat that make you happy, you might not be human."

"A place where fun, humour and individuality collide. Cards that are sure to make even the coldest of hearts burst in joy and laughter."

"My dog is gonna love me for the goodies I got for her!"

"Its humor, wit, and charm enrich the quality of your life and the fabric of our culture."